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I enjoy creating things, but I find more fulfillment in helping others achieve their goals.

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I am a 27 year old human from planet Earth. I enjoy to teach coding and to learn from others as well. I have been focusing on advancing my skills since 2013, though I have dabbled in programming since my younger years. I am from the Central Valley of California and I enjoy Skateboarding and creating music and instrumentals on my free time. I am an ex-convict who strives to make a positive difference in society with the chance he was given.

I enjoy programming and designing but what I love most is seeing people get connected with the services and products that businesses offer. It is a great joy to know you helped a customer and business connect!

When I first got out of prison(See my paperwork here) in 2012 I wanted to be a counselor and started to pursue that dream, in the process I enrolled in a programming class and realized I could still help others while building cool stuff. The more I programmed the more I wanted to kick myself for not starting sooner.

Next, I realized the traditional education route was not in my best interest since I wanted to dive deep into software and design specifically. I found a software engineering bootcamp, Learner's Guild which I am currently attending and will be finishing up with by April 2018.

Since I began at Learner's Guild I have went from a basic understanding of the internet and programming to a much more solid understanding of how and why software interacts with the web, as well as how to reengineer code to perform more efficiently.

To begin to make a difference, one must first make a decision, not externally, but internally.

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