Who is Jose Moreno?

I am Jose Moreno and this is one of my many sites. I was born in Merced California and have lived in the Central Valley most my life.  In 2017 I began to travel to the bay area.  This specific page started with a suggestion from a friend while I was attending a 10-month software development boot camp in Oakland Ca.  During my apprenticeship at the program, I applied for a position that I did not think I was going to get as a web developer.  I surprisingly got the job and have been there since February of 2018!  I work on developing and maintaining various projects at Pacific Workers Compensation Law Center.  Many are WordPress sites and I am currently helping in the development of our automation marketing program through Infusionsoft.  I oversaw the development of proprietary educational courses for training purposes and currently maintain their codebase.  Future projects include custom Shopify store development and a cross-platform mobile app for our firm’s clients.

Outside of work I enjoy helping businesses learn to use the power of social media to become relevant to those that benefit most from their services and/or products.  I believe that knowledge should be free and have a passion for teaching those who want to learn!  Connect with me so we can help change the world. From Newman California to the moon!

If you would like to learn to program I began to upload programming videos to youtube in 2017 to help reinforce what I was learning.  I have since realized many others benefit from my videos and created a site to organize all my videos into courses.  You can find them on my site We Will Code.  If you would like to check out my channel and subscribe for updates do so here.